High performance led tecnology

High performance led tecnology


Who we are

POLO Lighting Solutions emerged from the dream of a group of young Italian entrepreneurs to create a single point of reference for energy saving needs and the rational use of energy in the industrial, commercial, residential and services sectors. The project combines the group members’ lengthy technical experience in the domestic and plant engineering fields with a vision of the future with regards energy savings.

The work areas range from the requalification of public and private lighting systems to the support and development of tailor-made lighting solutions for special applications in the domestic and industrial fields. We have a marked leaning towards R&D, with the aim of creating optimised products on the basis of the design requests. The company can also work alongside recognised partners such as Energy Service Company.

POLO Lighting Solutions is a brand owned by Nplus S.r.l. 

The lighting sector: R&D

Right from the start, we’ve always believed in the requalification of existing lighting systems with the aid of LED technology (now well-established and fully reliable, but also highly competitive in terms of price): this was the thinking behind POLO Lighting Solutions, a range of lighting products to suit all the requirements of the market.

We concentrated on the lighting systems of the industrial sector and large-scale commerce (shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels), with a special focus on the development of high performance LED elements to replace the obsolete existing lamps. Within this sphere, our items are the result of our own design and development, with a constant search for the best semi-finished products on the market.