High performance led tecnology

High performance led tecnology


Investment in lighting system requalification

In the case of an existing industrial lighting system using conventional lamps, requalification with POLO Lighting Solutions products is extremely advantageous for the investor: average return times on the investment are between 2 and 4 years for a ‘turnkey’ intervention including removal, supply and installation, depending on the working days and work shifts of the plant.

A product quality guarantee

The entire production chain is constantly monitored by our technicians: POLO Lighting Solutions products undergo a thorough test cycle. Stress tests are carried out on supply samples, and there is also a 72-hour test run with on/off and operating cycles. The safety level of POLO Lighting Solutions products allows us to extend the warranty to 5 years.

Certified energy savings

Our customers’ full satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why, at the customer’s request (at no extra cost, but depending on the overall conditions), we can install certified meters on the main lighting system panels prior to the requalification: this monitoring intervention clarifies the energy saving that can be obtained, and helps us identify (alongside the customer) further solutions for optimising the use of the lighting system. Once the work has been completed, the ESM (Energy Saving Monitoring) system provides regular reports to illustrate the effective results in terms of real figures; with POLO Lighting Solutions, savings are monitored and certified.